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: A Story Project

“As the evening drew to a close, I found myself thinking, ‘I wish my whole life felt like this.’ And then I wondered, ‘Why couldn't it?’”


: A Story Project is a performance-gathering created in 2018. Hosts offer hospitality, story prompts, and moments of performance to shake off daily tedium and reconnect guests with their own memories and stories. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.45.05 PM.png
Story Project Zine Covers-3.jpg

Created and hosted in 2018 by Ian Askew, Ekemini Ekpo, Zindzi Hammond-Hanson, Camila Ortiz, Isabel Parkey, and Gabby Preston with support from James Stanley, Andrew Gitchel, and Ernest Mitchell.


The November 6-11 2018 Farkas Hall series of gatherings were titled Attentiveness, Patiently, Presence (Barn Owl), ease/flow, and Lightness/Gratitude.

Photo by Isa Haro, zine design by Camila Ortiz (coffee-stained by guest)

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