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love conjure/blues - cast/music/assist. director


“The past the present the future the living and the dead co-exist together/at the same time in a weave of dreams/Prayers/Love/Spirit expressed.” 


American Repertory Theater's Loeb Experimental Theater April 13-22, 2017.


text by Sharon Bridgforth

directed by mace dent johnson

cast and collaborators //

Ian Askew, Liat Rubin, Lauren Nicholson, Nelson Mũgĩ, Kelcee Everette, Jessy Boursiquot, Najya Williams, Genesis De Los Santos, Allen Juneau, Feyi Edun, Gabriela Díaz, Hakeem Angulu, Vanessa Lam, Monica Song, DJ Peay, Dajon Alexander, and Joshuah Brian Campbell

photos by Rena Lyon

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